Stay up to date with MealPrepSunday!


2 thoughts on “Stay up to date with MealPrepSunday!

  1. I love this, and I intend to try it out starting this Sunday. Thanks for the great Reddit post and this blog, which I’ve bookmarked. One question which I asked on the Reddit post, but it might get buried, is this: Do you cook any of the veggies in your quinoa salad (like perhaps the snap peas), or is everything (except the quinoa) raw?

    Thanks again!


    1. Hey VeganChaos! I’m so glad to hear that! In this particular quinoa salad, I don’t cook anything other than the quinoa. I love the crunch and fresh taste of the raw veggies. I do often make quinoa salads with roasted and sauteed veggies though. It provides a different flavor profile which I love equally as much. I’ll try to get one of those recipes on the blog real soon! Hope you check back in and let me know how your meal prep went!


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